Can I fundraise for more than one charity?


We automatically transfer donations to our charity partners on a fortnightly basis so they can start putting your donations to work quickly.

This means we can't split donations between two or more charities - but you can set up a team page to support more than one cause that is close to your heart! 

You can build a separate page for each of your registered charities - and connect them with a team page. This will encourage donors to donate to one of the two charities you're passionate about. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Head to and search for the first cause you want to support
  2. Click on "Start fundraising" to set up your page 
  3. Set up your everydayhero page as you normally would
  4. Once your page is set up click on "Create team" in the right hand side of the page
  5. Create and name your team and it should look like this:
  6. Click on "Add Page to Team" to set up a new page or add an existing page to your new split fundraising team! 
  7. Set up your second page and your team page should look like this:
  8. You can now fundraise for two charities using your new split charity team page! 
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