What can I do on everydayhero?


With everydayhero we make it easy for your supporters to donate, fundraiser and campaign for you.

Sign up for the low-cost user-friendly Blackbaud platform that puts your data and your supporters at the heart of your peer to peer fundraising. You can build your own event pages, appeals, corporate campaigns and more with no developer skills. Our content management system will have you building in incredible, brand campaigns in under 5 minutes – putting you in full control of your fundraising websites and the data they gather. With everydayhero you take back the shop front from third-party providers – and your data is 100% yours, always.

Your supporters can track their activity via our fitness app integration, post directly to their social media feeds and share images and help spread awareness for your cause and mission – all whilst never leaving the seamless brand integration everydayhero delivers.

So what’s stopping you? Sign up today and join the platform where #everythingcounts.  

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