Our reporting system displays a list of popular, pre-defined reports for you to run. We also include financial statements and invoices under “Remittance Advice and Transaction Reports”. You can learn more about our reporting system in this video:


Our custom report builder which allows you to create bespoke reports and save them for future use. You can build a report either for fundraising pages across your campaigns or donations across your campaigns.

Once you’re in the report builder you can follow the instructions to create a custom report.

  • Toggle the “Save for reuse” enables you to re-run your report in future.
  • You can filter your report by campaign or donation date, amongst other options
  • You can drag and drop columns and edit them within the report builder
  • Once you’re done you can save and run your report – you’ll be notified via email once the report is ready.
  • To rerun your report simply refresh the reports section and away you go!

You can learn more about our custom report builder in this video:

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