Appeals and regular giving


The appeals functionality allows you to turn your campaigns into direct donation asks. It also means your donors can make direct donations to your campaign instead or as well as setting up their own supporter page. In this section you can ask up to 5 survey questions which allow you to gather more information about the people supporting your cause. This is especially useful for awareness raising, in memory campaigns and restricted funding campaigns.

  • Pre-set Donation Amounts Defining your donation amounts can change the way your donors give. You can set up to 3 unique donation amounts and donors can always give a custom amount if you enable the “other amount” toggle button. You can display these donation amounts as a simple list or “decorate” them with images and descriptions.

everydayhero provides regular giving functionality under your “Profile” tab. Regular giving can be run on both peer to peer and appeals enabled campaigns. Donors will need to make an initial donation before being asked to set up a recurring gift to follow. Here you can select the frequency of the regular gifts and edit the generated emails which donors will receive – both the confirmation email and a recurring gift email can be provided.

Once regular giving is enabled in your account you can choose to activate this functionality on a campaign level – simply edit “Campaign details” on your campaign dashboard to enable the functionality.

If you’d like to discuss regular giving functionality further please get in touch with your account manager if you’re a registered partner – or get in touch with us on if you’re interested in signing up for regular giving!

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