Setting up your campaigns


To create your new campaign click   and start building. The campaign creator will take you through three simple steps 

  • Modules – Every campaign in everydayhero can either be a peer to peer (you might call this community fundraising), an appeal (direct donations) or both.
    • The peer to peer module allows supporters to create their own fundraising supporter pages.
    • The appeals module enables direct donations to your charity via a specific campaign.
  • Campaign Name – The name of your event or appeal
  • Campaign URL – The web address for your campaign which always begins with We can provide custom URL’s as part of our services.
  • Campaign Date – If your campaign is scheduled for a single day or if your campaign runs for multiple days – for example a Marathon or an Awareness Week.
  • Campaign Period – This is the period in which your campaign website is live and able to receive donations and create new supporter pages

Following the steps above you are now asked to provide design details for your campaign microsite. You are provided with templates and colour schemes – all of which can be customised. You can also use a custom colour scheme to fit your organisational branding guidelines.

Once you’ve provided template images for your campaign – and any supporter pages if you activated the peer to peer functionality – you’ll be able to click continue to view the campaign manager.

This is the campaign manager Dashboard for the campaign you’ve created. Each campaign has its own Dashboard and can be managed separately. Each button within the dashboard allows you to edit the functionality of your campaign.

Edit microsite

This button allows you to add or change the design features of your campaign.

  • Site Design – Manage the primary and secondary content on your campaign. The primary content is larger and should be used to display your campaign details. The secondary content is great for displaying video or a quick preview of your campaign details e.g. event date, location or requirements for entry. You can add text, videos, images, links and social media feeds to either of the content fields.
  • Buttons – A peer to peer campaign will always have a “Start fundraising” button and an appeal will always have a “Donate now” button. You can change the display text and colour of these buttons of upload your own!
  • Links and pages – All of the links which display at the top and bottom of your campaign can be retitled and redirected to custom pages. Clicking on the “spanner” icon will allow you to edit the links and pages attached to your campaign.
  • Images – Add or change the design assets which display on your campaign and your supporter pages if you activated the peer to peer functionality. You can see our design guidelines on page 6.
  • Downloads – You can upload documents and assets for your supporters to download – sponsorship forms, event packs and more can be hosted and displayed on your campaign. Simply upload a document, title it and check the “List” option to share that document on your campaign microsite. You can also upload images to embed into your campaign; simply upload the image you want to display in your campaign and uncheck the “List” option – you’ll then be able to return to the downloads section and copy the URL of your newly uploaded image and embed it into your campaign’s primary or secondary content

Edit campaign details

  • Email Signature – Insert an email signature that will display on the donation receipt email and other emails generated by everydayhero.
  • Show everydayhero in further communication – This toggle allows you to display our request for marketing information on your donation forms. You can turn this off so we do not market to your supporters and donors.
  • Add video – Inserting an embed code from YouTube or Vimeo this video to your donors once they complete the donation process. This is a great opportunity for a call to action or to demonstrate the impact of their contribution.
  • Alternate Thank You Page – At the end of the donation process you can redirect your donors to a custom thank you page. Don’t forget we can design and create a custom thank you page for you as part of our services.
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