Getting started


Getting started

So, you’ve taken the first step towards raising money for a cause by creating an everydayhero page. What do you do now? Here are a few ways to get people paying attention to — and supporting — your fundraising page.


Share your story:

Everyone has a reason why they’re passionate about a cause. Did you help a loved one through their fight with disease? Maybe you’re committed to making the world a better place for your children. Whatever your reason, explain why it hits close to home for you. When your story resonates with other people, they’ll be more willing to join you as an advocate for your cause. When you're ready, share your fundraising page. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, email and any other social network you can think of. Spread the word and ask your followers to do the same.


Tell me why:

You know your cause is important, but why should others care? Share the reasons why your cause should be one that others are want to support. Whether you want others to understand how Alzheimer's Research UK impacts people (like Collette Langley) or giving back to a charity that helped you (like Steve Wright), explaining the details of why the cause is important will help others understand why it is worth supporting.


Dream big:

Want your fundraising campaign to get huge? Do something unique and tell others about your idea. Jacob French was passionate about Star Wars and was already known for dressing in costume for non-profit events, so when he decided to put together a fundraiser and walk across Australia, he walked in costume as a stormtrooper. Over the course of his fundraising campaign, the media got involved and spread the word. He ended up earning over £60,000 for his cause! When you think outside of the box, people notice.


Pick a number:

Sometimes, a potential supporter has already decided that they want to contribute, but they’re not quite sure how much they should give. To make it easier, offer some suggested donations and explain what each amount could potentially do. Perhaps £25 will purchase a school uniform for a child or £500 will provide a medical researcher’s salary for two weeks. When people understand what their money could actually do, they’ll feel more connected.


Own it:

When fundraisers engage more with their page, they also raise more money! Make sure you’re customising your everydayhero page with a profile picture and posting regular updates about your journey. Remember to thank donors on your page, too. When potential new donors visit your page, they’ll see all of your hard work and acknowledgement of those that helped along the way…and then, they will be more likely to donate.


Put your money where your mouse is:

Put your money where your mouth is. Be the first to donate to your fundraising page. By doing this, you are showing your commitment to your cause and helping to set a benchmark for other donors.


Connect with your charity:

Contact the cause you are fundraising for. They will love to hear from someone who is passionate about their cause. They may be able to put you in contact with other local fundraisers or offer official materials to share with donors.


Thank your donors:

Don't forget to say thank you! Let donors know the difference they have made and make them feel great about it with a thank you note. If someone promises to donate and they haven't gone through with it yet, don't be afraid to ask again. People are busy and often need reminding even if you have already asked once. If they haven’t donated, ask again. They may have simply forgotten.


Let your employer know what you’re doing:

Don't forget to let your employer know you’re fundraising. Many employers offer programs that match charitable donations or offer paid time off for volunteer work.

Whatever cause you decide to support, everydayhero provides the tools you need to get started. Create your page today and start doing awesome things for the world!

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