Creating a customised leaderboard


In addition to the 'Top Supporters' feature and the out-of-the-box leaderboard (which appears on various micro-site layout templates), you can create a customised leaderboard to display a bespoke, clickable list of fundraisers on your campaign page, or on your main website.

Below are a few simple steps to get your custom leaderboard set up:

  • In order to create a custom leaderboard, you must be logged into an everydayhero supporter account. To create a supporter account, click here.
  • Once you have set up, or logged into, your supporter account, go to any of the supporter pages you wish to add to your leaderboard.
  • Select 'Add to Leaderboard', found in the bottom right of their page. Then select 'New Leaderboard'.
  • You will then be taken to your new leaderboard page. From here you can edit the name, description, colour and image.
  • Now you can add more pages to your leaderboard.
  • Select 'Add pages to Leaderboard’, found on the bottom right of this page, and search for the fundraisers you wish to add.

Alternatively you can add pages by going directly to their supporter page and selecting 'add to leaderboard', and selecting your newly built leaderboard.


Now let’s look at how to embed this in your microsite:

  • Click on the account name in the top right, and select 'Leaderboards'.
  • From your leaderboard page, select embed, found on the right hand side.
  • This generates an HTML code. Copy the code.

  • Go to your everydayhero Charity Admin account and select the campaign you wish to add the leaderboard to.
  • Enter the campaign manager and go to 'Edit Microsite'.
  • Copy the embed code into the HTML box in the primary content editor and be sure to click update.

  • Preview the campaign the check the leaderboard is appearing how you want it to.

Tip: if your leaderboard is too big or too wide, you can always edit the embed code itself to change the size.

You can view our video guide on creating custom leaderboards here: 

For more information on creating and using custom leaderboards, please email us at

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