More than just a new look


We are thrilled to announce that we are about to release significant improvements to our donation forms.

What's new?

Our aim is to provide you with a beautiful, new donation form that not only looks great but focuses on delivering value, consistency and an improved customer experience. 

Some exciting new features you'll notice:

  • A new mobile first experience to improve completion rates 
  • Simplified micro-steps in the giving process to avoid overwhelming donors
  • A visual link between the intended donation value and it's impact on the fundraiser's goal for P2P donations to increase overall gift values
  • Your charity brand and logo applied in a thoughtful way at each step of the donation process to increase connection to cause
  • A new messaging section to allow the donor to see how their message will be displayed on the fundraiser's page
  • A donation summary screen allowing the donor to review their gift, confirm Gift Aid and Donor Cover all before making a donation - adding clarity and transparency during the giving experience 
  • A brand new thank you page and donation receipt 



When will this happen? 

These changes will happen at midnight on August the 27th.

This is going to be a smooth transition for the following:

  • All current donation form URLs will redirect to the new forms - no need to update your website or campaigns
  • The preset suggested donation values will populate the new forms
  • Any text description on the donation values*
  • Survey questions
  • Custom thank you page redirects
  • Thank you page video embeds
  • Finance codes and custom codes 
  • Regular Giving in appeals/direct.
  • Gift Aid eligibility
  • Charity notification emails (donation, new supporter, settlement available)
  • Prefill form parameters and custom thank you page parameters


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